A Christian’s Daily Prayer



As morning dawns and day awakes,
To You I bring my need;
O gracious God, my source of strength,
In You I live and breathe.
Each hour is Yours, by wisdom planned;
Each deed empower’d by sov’reign hands;
Renew my spirit, help me stand;
Be glorified today.

As day unfolds, I seek Your will
In all of life’s demands;
And though the tempter tries me still,
I cling to Your commands.
Let every effort of my life
Display the matchless worth of Christ;
Make me a living sacrifice;
Be glorified today.

As sun gives way to darkest night
Your Spirit still is here;
And though my strength fades like the light,
New mercies will appear.
I rest in You; abide with me
Until our trials and suffering
Give way to final victory;
Be glorified, today.
Be glorified, I pray.


The music and lyrics for this song have been graciously provided for free with the permission of Sovereign Grace Music. Additional resources for this song are available at sovereigngracemusic.org.

A CCLI license is required for use of this song in corporate worship in most cases. Please consult with CCLI or Sovereign Grace Music for more details.

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