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A hymnal companion for the modern internet

lead sheet

Adaptive sheet music

A technology-forward solution that might just be the easiest, most flexible collection of sheet music downloads you’ve ever used.

Explore sheet music
Ready to download faster than you can load Finale
Transpose, customize, print, project, rinse, repeat
More than just transposition, get chords, capos, lead sheets, and slides just the way you want them
Timeless hymnody blended with some of the best of modern congregational song

AI hymn search

It’s like if ChatGPT could automatically recommend songs to fit the theme of your worship service.

Search with AI
Search concepts, not words
More than merely searching for specific lyrics, find songs that support a given theme or concept
Find similar songs
Get a list of songs that are similar in content to another song
Tailored to your repertoire
Coming soon... Keep it relevant with song suggestions from your particular hymnal or collection
Search by Scripture passage
Coming soon... Find lyrics with themes that complement specific Bible verses

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