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Doxology is a digital extension of your hymnal

We love hymnals

If there’s a debate over whether the humble hymnal continues to have relevance in a tech-dominated world, then consider us squarely in the pro-hymnal contingent.

We love the object permanence of printed musical theology you can carry with you. We nerd out about engraving standards and techniques.

Don’t misunderstand... we’re pro tech, too. You see, for all the benefits of hymnals...

Church music needs better tech

We want to create technological tools that help you get even more out of your beloved hymnal.

That’s why was created. To help make the job of hard-working, dedicated church musicians easier by removing frustrations from your weekly routines, letting you place your focus where it ought to be—crafting and leading Word-saturated worship services, not wrangling technology.

Doxology does what your hymnal can’t

Think of Doxology as the digital companion your hymnal has been missing this whole time. It’s a technological layer on top of your songbook.

Need to transpose a song? Get a lead sheet for that hymn? Just want to see chord names? Care to project the notes on your screen? Doxology’s adaptive sheet music can do it all faster than you can open up Finale.

Need help choosing the right songs to fit your liturgy or service order, but are tired of scrubbing through the hymnal index? Doxology’s AI-powered search tool can help you find what you’re looking for.


We have a lot of ideas and ambition, and we’re just getting started. We appreciate the thousands of church musicians who have helped us kick the tires on this over the past few years. Thanks for your support!

Coming soon, even more songs and features will be coming to Doxology.

Sign up today and start getting more out of your hymnal, completely for free. Drop us a line if you have questions, feedback, or great ideas!

Partner with us

If you are a publisher, song writer, or editor, we want to talk with you! Let’s talk about how you can get your hymns and congregational songs in front of thousands of like-minded church musicians. We are actively pursuing licensing deals, but are also excited to partner with ministries that want to offer their creations to the church at no cost.

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