Doxology is…

Created by a church music director, Doxology is a tool designed to take the hassle out of creating sheet music for corporate worship.

Our goal is simple. We want to help you…

Illustration depicting a woman sitting behind a laptop with a musical robot next to her

1. Music technology that benefits the church

We believe your time is better spent planning meaningful worship services for your congregation rather than tediously engraving music, hunting down files, converting from one format to another, and wrestling with technology.

Need a hymn sheet for that new song you want to teach your congregation?
  Got you covered.
Also want to give that music to your guitar player as a lead sheet?
  Have at it.
But what about different capos?
  No problem.
Nashville numbers?
  Yep, we have that, too.
But fretboard diagrams, though?
  Let me check—yes!
Transposed for non-C instruments (or just to sing in a different key)?
  Yep, pick any key!
How about notation slides for projection (like PowerPoint, Proclaim, and ProPresenter).
  Totally–unison and harmonized!

The unique technology behind Doxology lets you engrave the music the way you want it. Everything is customizable and the notation is rendered on-the-fly. All of this is done with aesthetics in mind so that our computer-generated engravings are not only fast and flexible—they look great, too!

Amazing grace in lead sheet, hymn sheet, and projection-style notation

2. A music marketplace for local ministries

We are attempting to pull together the best congregational hymns and psalms, old and new, in one place. It’s a work-in-progress, but we aim to be a “one stop shop” that helps local churches and individuals find music they need for corporate, family, or personal worship.

The 21st century, in particular, has seen a renaissance of fresh, new hymns and texts being written and disseminated via the Internet. But every songwriter has their own website and engraves music in their own preferred style (often with incomplete resources). Instead of hunting down the perfect song, what if there was an “app” or website that made it easier to find it all in one place? We aim to be that place.

And here’s the best part… everything is free! What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We’re happy to be able to provide free resources at no cost to you. Sure, we’re looking at ways to drive some revenue in the future to help the site remain viable long-term, and we would welcome your support, but for now, just enjoy! And tell someone else about it.

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3. A coalition of gospel-minded hymn writers

One BIG reason we’re able to provide so much for free is the support of our hymn-writing friends and partners who believe in giving back to the church just like we do. You’ll notice that not everything here is public domain. Friends of Doxology have graciously offered their music to you and allowed us to distribute it, as well.

If you’re a hymn writer who desires to give back and bless the church, we’d love to connect.

If you’re a musician who appreciates quality congregational songs, we hope you’ll express your gratitude by supporting the musicians and theologians who make these materials possible.

That’s us. Who are you?

Take Doxology for a spin and let us know what you think. Sign up today, or drop us a line—we’d love to chat.

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