A Revival Prayer



Come down, O Lord, and split the skies;
Come make the mountains quake.
You are the fire that kindles us,
That makes the godless shake.

From ancient days no one has heard
Nor seen a God like You,
A God who acts on our behalf,
A God who’s on the move.

Come down, O Lord, and rend our hearts;
Come down, O Lord, revive!
We rouse ourselves— take hold of You;
Come down and show us Christ!

We are like one who is unclean;
Self-righteous deed pollute.
We fade away just like a leaf,
Adrift and destitute.

We have continued long in sin,
Will You reach down to save?
You are the Potter of our lives,
Come now reshape Your clay.

Remember not our former sins;
Hold back what we are due.
We are the people of Your name;
Return us back to You!


This song is provided freely in cooperation with Determined Hymns. More free resources from Determined Hymns are available here.