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Lord, I Believe

Sheet music

Transposable and customizable PDF hymn sheet with optional chords and fretboard diagrams (size: 6”x9”)

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God showed His love beyond comprehension,
Emptied Himself, became one with us,
Wholly fulfilled the Law’s stipulations,
Yielded His life to grant peace and rest.

How can I respond with slight consecration,
No burning zeal, no sacrifice made?
Help me to pray with humble contrition,
“Lord, I believe; please help my unbelief.”

God gave His Word, eternally settled,
That we might know His mercy and grace.
By it we learn God’s love is unrivaled;
There we behold our Savior’s dear face.

Forgiven, we possess God, the Spirit,
Walking each day in fellowship pure,
Knowing His witness daily within us,
Learning anew God’s promises sure.

© 2014 David Whitcomb, Cameron Pollock, and Faye López. All rights reserved.

Default key: D Major (transposable)

Time Signature: 4/4


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