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May the Savior Dwell Among You

Sheet music

Transposable and customizable PDF hymn sheet with optional chords and fretboard diagrams (size: 6”x9”)

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May the Savior dwell among you
And His word abide within.
May He cover you with mercy
And forgiveness when you sin.
May He walk the path before you,
Lead you gently with His hand;
And where two or three are gathered
May our Lord among you stand.

May the Father richly bless you.
May He guide you as you go.
May He keep you from temptation
And through tests His kindness show.
May He chasten you in mercy,
Overwhelm you with His love,
Make you worthy of your calling,
Give you hearts for heaven above.

May the Spirit sanctify you;
May He grow you through each trial.
May His gentleness control you.
May He teach you self denial.
May His thoughts be ever in you.
May He work your will to break.
May He bring you to repentance
If His pathways you forsake.

May the Spirit move in mercy
When convicting you of sin.
May He open eyes to selfishness
And hidden pride within.
May He teach you true submission.
May He give you loyal love.
May He train your mind to always
Seek the heavenlies above.

May our Father mark injustice.
May we trust His seeing eyes.
May we never steal His vengeance
Nor His patient work despise.
May we honor one another
And from meddling refrain.
May we never give up hope while
God, our Loving Father, reigns.

May we travel on as pilgrims
With eternity in mind.
May we lay aside each burden
And leave shallowness behind.
May we run the race with patience
Looking to our heavenly prize.
May we fill our minds with Jesus
And have heaven in our eyes.

May we faithfully continue
On this journey we have shared;
And where Providence directs us
May we humbly follow there.
And though time and tears will change us,
May our tender love remain
Knowing God alone is sovereign
Light and darkness to ordain.

May our hearts be knit together
Loving God with one accord.
May the witness of the Spirit
Cause our souls to praise the Lord.
May we purpose now together
All God’s teachings to obey,
And when life on earth has ended
May we meet in heaven someday.

© 2022 Peter and Rebekah Anglea. All rights reserved.

Default key: D Major (transposable)

Time Signature: 3/4



© 2023 Doxology Music, Inc. All rights reserved

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