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The Object of Your Love

Sheet music

Transposable and customizable PDF hymn sheet with optional chords and fretboard diagrams (size: 6”x9”)

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Apart from God, a slave to sin,
My guilt too much to bear.
My heart has found no hope within,
And peace gives way to care.
Yet now I see Your broken form
Upon dark Calvary.
It was my fault that You were torn;
You proved Your love for me.

Now I am yours and You are mine,
Oh precious thought to me!
The priceless gift of love divine
Provides security.
The life I owe such mercy
Could never be enough.
But thank you, Lord, for making me
The object of Your love.

With contrite heart I bow in shame
Before my God above.
Without regard for His great name,
I’ve sinned against His love.
Yet now my Savior’s words I hear
Within this holy place,
“My friend, there is no need to fear,
You’re at the Throne of Grace.”

And when I feel my heart would break
For grief within my soul,
Help me to know there’s no mistake;
My God is in control.
Yet now I feel eternal arms
Supporting me inside.
You are a shade from ev’ry harm,
You’ll never leave my side.

© 2008 Determined Hymns. All rights reserved.

Default key: F Major (transposable)

Time Signature: 3/4 (C.M.D.) with Refrain


This song is provided freely in cooperation with Determined Hymns. More free resources from Determined Hymns are available here.


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