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Trust Me

Sheet music

Transposable and customizable PDF hymn sheet with optional chords and fretboard diagrams (size: 6”x9”)

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Do you trust Me as your Guide
though My path for you is steep?
Will you lean on your own way,
or resolve to follow Me?
I am still your Shepherd King
who has led you with My love;
Since I see beyond your view,
surely trust Me, falt'ring one.

Do you trust Me as your Rock
while the storm still rages on?
Ev’ry day new mercies grow,
ev’ry night I give a song.
Since I reign as Prince of Peace,
set your mind on things above.
Everlasting strength is Mine;
fully trust Me, wearied one.

Will you trust Me with your life
when you face your final hour,
Soon to leave this broken world,
destined for My jasper tow’r?
I am He who once was dead,
now alive— My suff’ring done!
You will live for I arose;
come be with Me, favored one.

© 2016 Determined Hymns. All rights reserved.

Default key: E Flat Major (transposable)

Time Signature: 4/4


This song is provided freely in cooperation with Determined Hymns. More free resources from Determined Hymns are available here.


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