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Come, Christians, Join to Sing

Sheet music

Transposable and customizable PDF hymn sheet with optional chords and fretboard diagrams (size: 6”x9”)

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Come, Christians, join to sing—
Alleluia! Amen!
Loud praise to Christ our King—
Alleluia! Amen!
Let all with heart and voice
Before His throne rejoice;
Praise is His gracious choice:
Alleluia! Amen!

Come, lift your hearts on high—
Alleluia! Amen!
Let praises fill the sky—
Alleluia! Amen!
He is our Guide and Friend;
To us He’ll condescend;
His love shall never end:
Alleluia! Amen!

Praise yet our Christ again—
Alleluia! Amen!
Life shall not end the strain—
Alleluia! Amen!
On heaven’s blissful shore
His goodness we’ll adore,
Singing forevermore,
“Alleluia! Amen!”

Public domain

Default key: G Major (transposable)

Time Signature: 4/4



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