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More and More Like You

Sheet music

Transposable and customizable PDF hymn sheet with optional chords and fretboard diagrams (size: 6”x9”)

Preview of Hymn download for More and More Like You


Lord, change my heart from deep within,
oh, purify me once again.
Renew my mind to love your truth;
Make me more and more like You.

More and more like You,
More and more like You;
Do whatever You must do
to make me more and more like You.

Lord, cause my will to choose Your ways
in each temptation that I face.
Until Your glory’s shining through;
Make me more and more like You.

© Copyright 1996 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI) (adm. at All Rights Reserved.

Default key: G Major (transposable)

Time Signature: 3/4

MORE LIKE YOU with Refrain

Sovereign Grace Music


The music and lyrics for this song have been graciously provided for free with the permission of Sovereign Grace Music. Additional resources for this song are available at

A CCLI license is required for use of this song in corporate worship in most cases. Please consult with CCLI or Sovereign Grace Music for more details.


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